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Schultz Family Foundation

The Schultz Family Foundation, established in 1996 by Howard and Sheri Schultz, creates pathways of opportunity for populations facing barriers to success. The Foundation invests in innovative solutions and partnerships that unlock people’s potential, and strengthen our businesses, our communities, and our nation.

In March 2014, the Schultz Family Foundation launched Onward Veterans, a national initiative that empowers post-9/11 veterans and their families to successfully transition back to civilian life. A few years ago, Howard and Sheri began a journey to learn more about America’s all-volunteer military.  Through visits to military bases across the country and conversations with veterans and their families, Howard and Sheri came to understand that these men and women face significant challenges when they return home, but they also represent tremendous potential that American communities and businesses should be eager to harness.

Today, Onward Veterans is committed to addressing these challenges for America’s 2.5 million post-9/11 veterans, and the million more returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Foundation is focused on investing in research and treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury; enhancing employment opportunities through innovative training and career placement; and facilitating veterans’ and their families’ access to services.

The Foundation also works to educate a civilian population that does not fully appreciate military experience or capitalize on the talents of those who have served. Our returning service members have diverse skills demanded by today’s civilian labor force, including impressive work ethics, leadership, and strategic problem-solving abilities. The Onward Veterans initiative is designed to recognize and employ these unique traits to make our nation better and stronger.

Howard and Rajiv Chandrasekaran wrote For Love of Country to raise awareness of the contributions post-9/11 veterans make at home and abroad, and to bridge what the authors have come to call “the civilian-military disconnect.”

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Starbucks Corporation

At Starbucks, we recognize the considerable skills and experience that veterans and military spouses could bring to our business and our communities – and the fact that more than one million American service members will be returning to civilian life over the next few years. That’s why we have made a commitment to hire at least 10,000 veterans and active military spouses by the end of 2018; create a workplace that recognizes, honors and celebrates military service and support; and use our scale for good to advance veteran-related causes including job training and other initiatives that create meaningful opportunities in civilian life for veterans and their families. Learn more about our commitment to hire and honor veterans and military families, and explore ideas and suggestions for how, together, we can make every day Veteran’s Day at