“This splendid book should be read by every American. It is a story of heroes, of sacrifice, of valor. But it is also a story of resilience, recovery, and a continuing desire to serve our country and its citizens. You must be made of stone to read this and not shed tears. But the book’s message is that, after the tears, we must not forget the sacrifices those in uniform and their families have made for all of us over the last thirteen years; we must welcome back into our communities those who served not just with thanks and open arms, but with respect, admiration, and new lives and careers worthy of all they have done for all of us.”

—Robert M. Gates, author of Duty, former U.S. secretary of defense

“A truly inspirational, uplifting book, one that will fill you with pride in America’s new Greatest Generation in war and in peace.”

—General David H. Petraeus, U.S. Army, Retired

David Oclander left his government job at the Pentagon to teach high school in Chicago.

“Inspiring….will certainly move readers who have served in the military, as well as…fans of military histories and those who have close contact with the courageous soldiers who put their lives on the line.”


For Love of Country is a heartfelt and important reminder of how much we owe the men and women now fighting their third war in 12 years while nothing is asked of the rest of us.

Howard Schultz is so much more than just a hugely successful businessman. He’s a patriot and a champion of those who risk their lives to make us safe.”

—Tom Brokaw, NBC News

Kyle White
Kyle White, taking a rest five minutes before the ambushed commenced.